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In April 2021, the turnover of retail companies was 656 million euros. Compared with April 2020, revenue increased 23% at constant prices – this increase is mainly the result of business enterprises and consumers adjusting to restrictions related to the coronavirus crisis.

Jaanika Tiigiste, senior analyst at Statistics Estonia, said the increase in turnover was mainly due to the very low baseline in April of last year and changes in people’s habits.

“The malls were closed in April of last year and this year as well, but now the retail companies were better prepared for the restrictions and have opened up outdoor shopping areas and online stores and also have offered curbside pickup. In addition, people moved more, which helped increase the turnover of companies engaged in the retail sale of automotive fuel, ”said Tiigiste.

The turnover of stores selling manufactured goods increased by 29% compared to April 2020 and increased in all economic activities.

The strongest growth at 57% was recorded in the turnover of other specialty stores selling mainly computers and their accessories, telecommunications equipment, books, sports equipment, games, toys, flowers and Plant.

The increase in turnover was also above average in stores selling second-hand goods and in non-store retail (stalls, markets, direct sales) and in mail order or internet stores. – the turnover of these stores increased by 45% and 31 percent, respectively.

Compared with April 2020, sales increased 12% in grocery stores and 40% in companies engaged in the retail sale of automotive fuel.

In April compared with March, the turnover of businesses in the retail trade decreased by 1%. According to data adjusted for seasonal variations and working days, turnover increased by 1%. In the first four months of 2021, the turnover of retail businesses increased by 9% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Retail business turnover volume index and its evolution, January 2011 – April 2021 (2015-100). Source: Statistics Estonia.

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