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While brick and mortar storefronts are still very popular among consumers, it is impossible to ignore online business if you want to be successful in modern retailing on a scale larger than a single one. mom-and-pop store.

This is the message we keep hearing at Tech Wire Asia retailers, suppliers, warehousing companies and even logistics companies. A stroll down any street in Asia confirms the message: People everywhere have their attention on their phones, texting their friends, and keeping up with all the latest news and gossip. And, of course, do a little shopping, too, on the go.

Online or in store

People still like to go to stores too. There are certain areas of retail, like apparel, fashion, beauty, and skin care, for example, where many still prefer the face-to-face experience, or at least it’s an integral part. of purchasing activity. But, despite the continued importance of physical stores, to ensure the best customer experiences today, there must be a significant digital element in any retailer’s operations.

Retailers today strive to let the customer decide. The customer has always been king, of course, but today’s busy consumers are never just a swipe away from a competitor’s offer screen. This means you have to master all parts of a successful retail operation, and it comes from the right software and technology platform.

In commerce, Aptos strives to enable businesses to offer omnichannel retail, what it calls “unified commerce” in the United States. In practical terms, this means breaking down the barriers between online and in-store purchases, between pick-up and delivery, and between various business data silos, such as marketing information and customer preference data.

Because Aptos can make every important aspect of the buyer’s experience smooth and positive. Creating beautiful interactions between customer and merchant means above all forging emotional ties (from personalized offers positioned in a sensitive manner, for example) and trust (trust in quality, and trust in means of payment, for example).

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Retail through microservices

What is different about Aptos’ offering is that it is modular. Simply put, this means you don’t have to deploy all parts of the solution. Instead, you can combine the modules with your specific needs. Aptos offers a range of solutions that cover different aspects of modern retail operations, from planning to business analysis.

The result is a fully integrated retail system that allows customers to move seamlessly between the store and online, all from a single source of information for the retailer.

This facilitates reporting and analysis: it is the complete picture that is examined, an image that does not need to be assembled from different parts of the business. This approach will save your operations staff hours of manual labor, time that can be better spent on perfecting strategies.

Likewise, your marketing function will see the data collected from all customer (and future customer) interactions with the business, and so these guys will be able to target the most successful demographics and create the customer experiences that will make brand advocates for your business.

Reporting after a sale is, of course, very important, but what probably matters the most when considering delivering the individual customer experience is planning. Aptos planning solutions allow you to manage the entire merchandise lifecycle and provide the customer with the best online and in-store experiences: making sure your assortments are selected and tailored to your buyers’ needs, the right product. is in the right store, in the right quantities, in the right quantities – even the right offers are given the right importance.

Aptos excels at planning that level of attention to detail: forecasting, merchandise, assortment planning, allocations, replenishment, supply chain issues, and more. As a modern retailer, you have to let the customer decide. It requires specialized software and technology, and that brings us back perfectly to Aptos.

To learn more about the company, its solutions, and how technology can drive change in all aspects of your business, contact a local representative today.

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