iQmetrix Acquires Viva Tracker to Extend Web-Based Retail Management Solutions


Vancouver, British Columbia – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – iQmetrix, North America’s leading provider of telecommunications retail management software, today announced the acquisition of Viva Tracker, a web-based back-office software solution designed for retailers without wire, especially in the T-Mobile channel. An agile software-as-a-service company launched in 2011, Viva Tracker’s solutions power nearly 2,000 T-Mobile and Sprint outlets in the United States.

The purchase of Viva Tracker is an investment for iQmetrix which both expands its current state-of-the-art platform for authorized wireless retailers and broadens market opportunities. The acquisition also brings iQmetrix a team of talented individuals who offer a deep understanding of T-Mobile systems.

Following the acquisition, Viva Tracker will operate as a subsidiary within iQmetrix, with all Viva Tracker employees retaining their current roles. As a subsidiary of iQmetrix, the Viva Tracker team will maintain the agility of a small business while benefiting from the support and resources enjoyed by all iQmetrix teams and employees.

With iQmetrix and Viva Tracker now working in tandem, the acquisition will support revenue growth by creating exponential new opportunities for both companies in the telecommunications retail industry.

Ryan Volberg, Manager (President and CEO) of iQmetrix, said: “We believe Viva Tracker is only scratching the surface of what it can offer wireless retailers looking for a solution. web back office, and we’re excited to introduce Viva Tracker to the entire wireless retail industry. Our goal is to give the Viva Tracker team the environment they need to develop their skills, dedication and daring attitude, and ultimately drive revenue growth for both companies.

Stacy Hamer, Manager (Vice President) of Customer Experiences at iQmetrix, added, “Valuable Viva Tracker customers will always enjoy the same great products and services, but with the added benefits of being an iQmetrix customer. This will initially be done through dedicated account management and 24/7 support, but will eventually mean additional product improvements and services as well. ”

Brent Sheena, Founder and CEO of Viva Tracker, said, “Viva Tracker is thrilled to join the iQmetrix family during this time of transformation. We are extremely pleased to be able to continue to provide our customers with the consistent service they rely on, while adding the ability to integrate our systems with iQmetrix’s excellent retail management products. This acquisition is a win-win for everyone involved.

The iQmetrix and Viva Tracker teams are now meeting with a series of launch events to begin the onboarding process for the Viva Tracker team.

About iQmetrix

IQmetrix’s intelligent retail management software is designed to power the telecommunications industry. Our software is designed to enable telecom retailers to deliver a buying strategy anywhere through multi-channel inventory management and digital retail solutions; make data-driven decisions using powerful reports; and unify storefronts and digital channels for a consistent customer experience – in-store, online and everywhere else. For 20 years, we’ve been helping the biggest telecommunications brands grow by providing them with world-class software, services and expertise. Our solutions generated $ 15.5 billion in sales last year and are used by 425,000 retail professionals. iQmetrix is ​​a privately held software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Canada and the United States. More information on

About Viva Tracker

Viva Tracker is a web-based software system that has been designed to help T-Mobile Premium retailers track sales, key metrics, commissions, employee information, time management, communications planning, documents, inventory and reconciliations. We provide smart solutions for wireless retail businesses of all sizes and pride ourselves on dedicated and unmatched service. At Viva Tracker, we believe that a good understanding and technological advantage can lead companies to a prosperous future. Viva Tracker is a privately held software as a service (SaaS) company with offices in Detroit, MI, and Charlotte, NC. More information on


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